Why do most people prefer to use Chrome VS Microsoft Edge?

Many of us use the internet on a daily basis. Even a less educated person, at any time in the day, has to look at the screen and watch something on the internet. We often use various browsing software without considering which one is better than the other. But keep in mind that we definitely have the perception that this software is easy to use. I mean user-friendly. With that said, we reach the conclusion that the software used by many is preferred over the others. Similar is the case with browsing software.

There are many amazing browsing software in the market. The most famous ones are Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Opera, and many more. Which one is better? It is up to the user and his or her experience.

Many people use Microsoft Edge, but many more use Chrome. This article will lead you to make a choice between Chrome & Microsoft Edge. The review is based on my personal experience and research.

Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer was the earlier version of the newly launched Microsoft Edge. People were not comfortable using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Well, there are reasons for it. Most importantly, aesthetics, although a valuable addition to a product, cannot be ignored in this highly competitive era. From my personal experience, I noticed it was sluggish; there were not enough extensions as now incorporated in Microsoft Edge. People used to say Internet Explorer is a better browser to help you download other browsing software.

Pros of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft, after realizing it, launched Microsoft Edge. With the launch of Edge, things seem to be going in the right direction for Microsoft. It’s a Chrome-based browser. The looks are amazing. Most importantly, Edge gets installed on computers with Windows automatically, relieving the headache of downloading and installing it. Edge helps you run multiple extensions, but not like Chrome, a feature mainly associated with Chrome.

Similarly, by having an account with Microsoft World, your personal details become portable on another device. You can get to your browsing data easily. Microsoft Edge has Cortona, which is a useful feature, but one would hardly like to talk to machines.

But all is not well. Microsoft Edge lacks support for extensions the way Chrome does. The search engine switching feature of Edge is not that good as compared to Chrome. From my personal experience, it is obvious that the interface of Edge is not as user-friendly as that of Chrome. With Chrome, you feel faster. The deletion of browsing history in Edge is not as easy as in Chrome. Similarly, as I experienced, Edge sometimes stops responding or may open multiple pages at once.


People say Microsoft Edge is the alternative to Chrome. But if the things themselves are available, why should one opt for the alternative over the product itself?

Chrome is still used by many. Literally, I mean by many. The reason behind this is that Chrome is extremely fast-browsing software that works faster on desktop computers. The design is simple. The GUI is user-friendly. It has served the consumer for a longer time.

Chrome’s most important feature, in my view, is that it can detect the pages you visit often. This is not a prominent feature in other browsing software. Installation is easy.

Important software like Adobe Flash players and other similar software gets easily installed on Chrome.

The setting is well-placed. You have the option to delete history date- and time-wise. It works very well with the Google search engine. Once signed in to Chrome, you do not need to sign in for other websites like Youtube.com. This feature sometimes irritates me too. Once, I used Chrome and got signed in. You have to sign out while leaving.

Chrome gives you the ease of knowing that if one tab goes wrong, only that tab should not work; the other open pages are still working. Every tab opened in Chrome has a separate session. The newly opened tab will show you the website that you may like to visit. Chrome gives you extensive support for bookmarks. Bookmarking any page is easy and takes one click. The Chrome privacy feature is also amazing. In incognito mode, it would keep your privacy intact.

Having said that, Chrome is also not free of disadvantages. It consumes a lot of your RAM. It jumps everywhere if you have previously used it, and now that you are using another browsing software like Edge, Chrome will irritate you by switching to Chrome again.


In conclusion, I would say based on my experience that Chrome is the best available software for browsing. Its extensive features, simple GUI, and simple design are friendly and that is why people like it more and use it more than other browsing software.

Iqbal Munir
Iqbal Munir

Iqbal Munir is an assistant professor at the government college of technology Swat.

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