What is Solution to the Blank WordPress Admin Panel?

Blank WordPress Admin Panel

This is most frustrating problem happened to almost every developer at least once in life. The problem looks very severe when you see it the first time. Because you get no clue to the fix because of not having an error message.  Instead what you see is a blank page. If you are currently having Blank admin WordPress admin panel, then read this article with great attention. This will help you resolve the problem.

Blank WordPress Admin Panel

Causes of Blank WordPress Admin Panel

There are many problems which lead to this error message. We will try to discuss each of them and how to fix that. We will start from the easiest to the difficult step so that we get resolve the problem with no risk involved. If you have a recent backup of your site, then you don’t need to worry about at all. Just restore the backup and if you don’t have this option available then proceed with the following fixes.

Error with hosting

Contact your hosting and ask them about the problem. If someone else, having the same hosting as yours, is also having the problem then they might also have contacted the hosting provider and they will be busy with fix. Or if you are hosting two or more websites with the same hosting and all of them are having the same issue, then problem lies on hosting end.

Error in WordPress Theme

If you have updated your theme recently and the problem occurred after the update then the problem might be with your theme. Try to roll back the update or disable the theme. As you are not able to access your admin dashboard, you will have to disable the them from Cpanel. Just rename your theme and it will be disabled. Note its current name before disabling so that you later rename it to its original name.

Error with Plugins

Plugins can also cause this error. If you have recently updated a Plugin, try to deactivate it by renaming it in Cpanel. But if you don’t remember the Plugin with recent updates then you will have to disable all Plugins and then activating them one by one to figure out the culprit Plugin. After this try to access your admin panel, if you are able to access it your Plugins folder will be showing empty in admin panel. Rename the Plugins folder to its original name in Cpanel. Then all the Plugins will appear in admin panel but all of them will be deactivated. Activate the Plugin one by one and try accessing the admin panel. It will point out the culprit Plugin if any.

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Error with wp-config.php

Sometime this problem is due to empty spaces in wp-config.php file. Open your wp-config.php and remove the empty spaces from coding.

Repair your database

An error in database tables may also lead to this problem. To repair your database insert the code Define ( ‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’,true); in wp-config.php file and type the following in browser URL.


This will start repairing the database wizard.

Remove the line of code from wp-config.php once database repair is finished.

Increase memory limit of PHP

This blank WordPress admin panel also occurs due to PHP memory limit. Again edit the wp-config.php file and find out the following line of code. Define (‘wp_memory_limit’,’value’). You will be having a numeric value in “value” argument. Increase this limit to say 256 etc. This will hopefully solve the problem.

These were all possible fixes of blank WordPress admin dashboard, if you are still having the problem, please ask it in comment section. We will try out to solve the problem together.

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