The Best 5 E-commerce WordPress Themes

This article will help you choose the best e-commerce WordPress theme for your online business. We have tested all the below themes, and they performed well.

You have launched an e-commerce website or are about to launch one, and you are looking for a WordPress theme that suits your requirements. In this article, we will discuss the best e-commerce themes, and you will be able to choose the design and features that meet your business requirements. The themes meant for e-commerce should be compatible with e-commerce Plugins. The best e-commerce WordPress theme will have the following characteristics. These characteristics are mainly related to the appearance and design of the e-commerce theme. You must also read about “What is the right WordPress theme”. This discussion is about technical issues related to themes in general.

  • Must have an Eye-Catching Design
  • Should load instantly
  • Should provide easy navigation
  • It should be Responsive
  • Should support required Plugins

Oxygen (E-Commerce WordPress Theme)

Best E-Commere WordPress Theme (Oxygen theme for e-commerce)

It is a bootstrap-based responsive WordPress theme and can be used as an e-commerce WordPress Theme. It provides plenty of options to customize the appearance and features according to your feel and need. A well-known Plugin for page building, WPBakery, comes free with this theme.

The theme has the option of toggling between shop and blog views. It provides four header types. If you want to create slideshows for your products, the Slider Revolution Plugin is included for free. It is updated regularly to ensure its compatibility with the latest version of WordPress

Look at the following screenshots. The theme supports the following layouts.

  • Simple Menu
  • Full-width menu
  • Left Sidebar Menu
  • Right Sidebar Menu
  • Centered Menu
  • Right-align menu
  • Full Width Grey Menu

E-Commerce by ThemeShop

e-commerce theme by theme shop

This theme is best suited for both digital and physical products. This theme can be used for selling online books, software, T-shirts, or any other product. Like any other e-commerce theme, it also includes the WooCommerce Plugin.

The interface of this theme is beautiful enough to attract customers. It allows you to use six different header styles. Header styles produce eye-catching features required in any e-commerce website.

This theme uses the following six layouts:

  • eCommerce Default
  • Blog
  • e-commerce Demo 2
  • Demo 3
  • e-commerce Demo 4
  • Demo 5


Woopress theme

This is a responsive bootstrap-based e-commerce theme. It has released different versions for different purposes. It has very good features meant for an e-commerce website. These features include product image zoom, image slider, quick start packages, registration page, popup features, Google Maps, and a lot more. Currently, the following versions are available.

WooPress can easily be optimized to tune your business requirements. Even if you don’t know any coding, you will be able to change the appearance and features very easily.

  • Boxed Variant
  • Fullwidth Variant
  • Sidebar Boxed Variant
  • Furniture Variant
  • OnePage Variant
  • Handtools
  • Kids Variant
  • Paralax Variant
  • Animals
  • Flowers Variant
  • Bags
  • Watches
  • Man
  • Handmade Variant
  • Coffee
  • Cosmetics Variant
  • Jewellery Variant
  • Shoes Variant
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Look Book Variant
  • Sidebar Variant

As can be guessed from its different variants it can be used for about each type of e-commerce website.

Look here for the demo

Alpha Store

Alpha Store Theme

This e-commerce theme is responsive and easy to use. It is best suited for about all types of e-commerce stores including watches, sports, shores, fashion, jewelry, technology and mobiles etc.

The layout of this theme is very eye-catching drawing the attraction of users. This theme is SEO friendly ensuring good ranking in Google. Moreover, the design and appearance of the theme can be changed without any coding knowledge. The animations of the theme are based on HTML5.

You can check the demo of this theme here

Max Store

Max Store theme

This is another responsive e-commerce website. This can also be used for each type of online business. It remains fully responsive even after bulk changes in its appearance and features. It therefore fits automatically to each type of display ranging from smartphones to large LED displays.

This theme can also compress files for better load times. So your site will load instantly with this theme installed. It also provides a custom registration page to register the users on your site.

You can check the demo at


This is really a very tough decision to choose the best WordPress theme for your online business. We hope our article has helped you choose the best theme in accordance with your needs. This article was about the design, features, and e-commerce compatibility of the theme. If you have any questions or suggestions for another theme, kindly mention them in the comment section. We will include it after checking all its aspects both technical and visual.

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