What is Best Related Post Plugin for WordPress?

Best Related Post Plugin for WordPress. This article gives a review of best WordPress Plugins for showing related posts in WordPress

Best Related Post Plugin for WordPress

According to a survey, 55 percent of the visitors spend only one minute on blog post and quit without navigating to another post or page. To keep your visitors engaged is pretty good idea. This will increase overall page views and decrease the bounce rate. This bounce rate reduction is also good according to SEO perspective. But what is the best related post plugin for WordPress. Let’s have a look at some of the most widely used Plugins.

There are tons of plugins available in WordPress for showing related posts. We will list best known of them.  Advantages and disadvantages of each plugin will be provided so as you pick up the right plugin according to your needs.

YUZO Related Post

Best Related Post Plugin for WordPress

This plugin display related posts as accurate as possible. You can display related posts with different features and image sizes. It has more than 60,0000 active installations and 225 five star ratings.


It claims to be the fastest.

It has its own cache

Manually add related posts which you think to be related to current post

It display posts in both horizontal and vertical styles


This Plugin is fast but not light weight because it has tons of features.

Related Posts for WordPress

Best Related Post Plugin for WordPress

This Plugin provides the ability to add related to current post by just a click. It uses cache to display related post.


Its main focus is performance

It is faster

does not slow down your website

This Plugin also supports widget


Its features are limited as compared to other plugins but it is fast

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This Plugin by Shareaholic is a well known plugin for WordPress. It has more than 30,000 active installations and 7 5 star rating. Currently version 3.1.0 is available upto writing of this article and has been tested up to WordPress 5.1.1. it is regularly updated about each month. It displays a list of posts, related to the current one, customized in many ways. This extract related posts on the basis of title, content and tags. The balance of factors can be adjusted to be tuned with your desire.


Full control over the display and layout of posts

Related posts are matching with the category, tags, content and author of the current post

You can show related posts on single post page, widgets and RSS

It has more than 50 available options

Inline Related Post Plugin

This Plugin is developed by InellyWP. Inline Related Posts is very distinct among this list of Plugins. This Plugin shows related posts inside the post contents. This is very useful for news and blog sites.


This Plugin is more likely to increase the page views as the posts are displayed inside the article and are more likely to be clicked.


It cannot show posts at the end of post. If you want to display related posts after the post contents then this plugin is not for you.

Contextual Related Post

This Plugin is by WebberZone. This extract related posts based on title and or contents of the current post. This displays the posts which are more likely to be viewed by your visitors. This Plugin also display thumbnails of the post.


It also display thumbnails of the post

Also offer short codes

Widgets are also supported

Custom post types and CSS styles


The thumbnail display requires custom CSS which might be difficult for beginners.

It does not function well on larger sites.

It slows down the site.

This article was about what is the best related post plugin for WordPress. Hope you got the advantages and disadvantages of each Plugin. Click here if you want to display related posts without using Plugin.

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