What is Best Image Size for Facebook? New sizes for 2021.

This document shows all image sizes uploaded to Facebook. We will discuss Facebook Profile Picture, Cover Photo, Post images and Facebook Pages Images.

Image Sizes for Facebook

In this article, you will learn about different image sizes for Facebook. We will discuss the dimensions of all the images that are used on Facebook. Phot size for covers, profiles, a news feed, etc will be discussed.

Uploading Images to Facebook has become a common practice. Some people are fond of photography, and they capture important events of their lives and share them with their friends, others do it for publicity of their products. One image is more than thousands of words to attract the user’s attention. If you are sharing the contents of your website to attract traffic to your website, then images will play the most vital role in this task. We will discuss all photos that we upload to Facebook, i.e. Profile Picture, Cover Picture, and also pictures that appear in the news feed.

Facebook Profile Image

The profile picture is the most important picture of recognition. This is the picture that is visible to all of the visitors that visit your profile.

The recommended profile photo size is 360 x 360 pixels. The minimum allowed size is 180 x 180 pixels. If you upload a large photo, it will be rescaled by Facebook, and the resulting picture will look stretched and ugly. So keep in mind these sizes when you choose your profile picture. This image will round to a size of 168 x 168 circle.

Facebook Cover Photo

The optimal size for Facebook Cover photo is 940 x 643 pixels.

If the image size is less than the dimension mentioned above, Facebook will scale it to its required size, and so the result will be an ugly picture with some information missing.

Facebook Post Images

The recommended size of images in Facebook Post is 1200 pixels wide and 628 pixels high. This upload will appear with a width of 460 pixels in the Feeds.

Facebook Post Image Size

Image Sizes of Facebook Linked Images

The image size for Facebook that you share in links should be 1200 pixels wide and 630 pixels tall. It will appear 500 x 261 in news Feeds.

Facebook Page Cover Photo

The optimal size for the Facebook cover photo is 832 pixels wide and 312 pixels high.

Image Sizes for Facebook

Facebook Page Profile Image

The recommended minimum size for the Facebook page profile is 180 x 180 however it rounds to 160 x 160 after uploads.

Image Sizes for Facebook

Hint: To know about any size right clicks on it and select inspect. Scroll down to the end in the right panel to know about the exact image size.


It was all about image sizes for Facebook. You should know about the exact dimension of the photo before uploading it to the Facebook page. You will give it due attention if these photos are for a Facebook page representing your business. Any photo uploaded with the wrong dimension will have a bad impression on your brand.

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