What are the factors affecting customer satisfaction?

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction

            Customer satisfaction is key to any successful business. The whole business activities revolve around generating revenues which is a function of market potential and it depends on the number of customers that consume your product/service.  It’s a fact that ultimate consumers of your product/service are people (Customers) whose satisfaction decides your success.

Here are some parameters that directly or indirectly affect customer satisfaction.

  1. Quality of your product/Service
  2. Ease of access to your product/service
  3. Easy use of your product/Service
  4. Cost of product/Service
  5. The popularity of your Product/Service in the market

Quality of your product/Service

Quality is a factor that directly affects customer satisfaction. It is guaranteed that people will try your product/service once just to compare it with all competitive products or services. Any new product/service in the market is assumed to have some good qualities as compared to other competitive products or services. The first use of your product/service is a chance to get people the confidence to use your product or service in the future. We have seen samples distributed by different agents with relatively high integrated qualities just to attain customer’s confidence. Before launching any product or service, make sure that your product or service possesses all the qualities that customers want in it.

Ease of access to your product/service

Ease of access also directly enhances the satisfaction of your customers. People being human beings are lazy and prefer to use relatively low quality rather than spending time to search for a product or service of high quality. Many customers compromise to a certain extent instead of traveling to get a high-quality product or service.

Therefore, one should ensure easy access to one’s product or service so that people find them at their doors step.

Easy use of your product/Service

Easy use of your product/service is necessary. People or customers have a different educational background. Try to make use of self-explanatory.

Write the usage procedure clearly. Prefer to explain the usage through images or pictures so that people learn the usage at a glance.

Cost of product/Service

Keep the prices low but not the lowest. Relatively low prices may compensate for the relatively low quality. keeping the prices relatively low may cover up the issue of people’s low purchasing power. But the prices shouldn’t be the lowest that may indirectly give an impression of the low quality of your product or service.

The popularity of your Product/Service in the market

The popularity of your product or service is an indirect factor to encourage people’s satisfaction. The more your product is popular, the more people realize that it has been tested by all and fulfills customer’s needs. The popularity of product or service is achieved through regular advertisements, facebook pages or wall chalking.

All of the above factors affect customer satisfaction directly or indirectly. You should keep all these factors into consideration before jumping to a business. Hope this article has helped you better understand the theme. If you have any questions, you can ask it in the comment section. We will be glad if we can help you.

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