How to Make a Learn Management System (LMS) in WordPress?

Make a Learn Management System (LMS) in WordPress

A learning management system is an application that is used for developing and managing courses and training programs. Its idea came from e-learning. WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) that offers a wide variety of functions. We use Plugins for adding new features and services to WordPress. Plugins itself consists of PHP coding, database transaction functions, and CSS/JavaScript.

We can quickly implement a learning management system (LMS) in WordPress via a Plugin called LearnPress. This Plugin is widely used for LMS. Up to this writing, the Plugin has more than 60,000 active installations and a 239 five star rating. The developers of the Plugin are dedicated to solving issues and bugs in it. It not only provides a solution for LMS, but you can also sell the courses created through the Plugin.

Install LearnPress Plugin

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard
  • Select Plugins and click on Add New
  • Write “LearnPress” in search to find it in WordPress repository
  • Click on install
  • At last click on activate
Make a Learn Management System (LMS) in WordPress

Add New Courses

Once LearnPress in installed and activated, click on Courses and then click Add New

  • Choose the title of the course

We should choose the title with great care. As you may know, the title plays a vital role in SEO.

  • Select a proper category of the course
  • Provide a proper description for the course
Make a Learn Management System (LMS) in WordPress
  • Scroll down to the curriculum section in the bottom
  • Add Sections of the course and also add lessons over here.

Don’t add lessons from lessons section in LearnPrss because they cannot be assigned to a course then.

Make a Learn Management System (LMS) in WordPress
  • Now go to the lessons section and, you will see the lessons you had created under the curriculum section
  • Open a lesson to give it a description and do other necessary settings


It was all about making a learn management system in WordPress. It is a potent Plugin for creating and selling online courses. The Plugin is free and will always be free, as claimed by its developers. But there is also a premium version of the Plugin available with more advanced features and controls.

A common mistake people often do with course creation is that they create a course. Then they create lessons and try to assign that lesson to the course. It cannot be assigned at this stage. It is automatically assigned when you create courses, curriculum, and then lessons.

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