How to link your Android or iPhone to Windows 10 Pro?-

In this article, you will learn how to link your Android or iPhone to Windows 10. Your PC will turn into an Android phone or iPhone, whatever you want to link. You can now make calls, send and receive text messages, and access your photos and videos on your PC. For this purpose, you will have to install the apps “Link to Windows” on your phone and “Phone Link” on your PC. When both PC and phone are connected, you can do what you want with your Android phone right from your PC or laptop.

Access settings on your PC.

Click on “Phone” (link to your Android or iPhone).

Under “Your Phone”, select “Add a phone”.

Add phone to windows 10

Click on “Get started” where it says “Ready to link another device?”.

If not already installed, you will have to install “Phone Link” on your PC.

Launch the app “Phone Link” on your PC.

Go to on your Android phone.

Install the app “Link to Windows” on your phone.

Link to Windows android app

Have a check in “ I have the link to Widows app ready” and click on “Pair with QR code”.

Open the Link to the Windows app on your phone.

For select Microsoft, Samsung, and HONOR devices, open Link to Windows from Quick Settings by swiping down from the home screen.

On your mobile phone, tap on “Link your phone and PC”.

Click on “Continue” where it says “ Is the QR code on your PC ready?”.

Use the in-app camera to scan this QR code.

On your phone, you will get the message “ Your phone and PC are linked”.

On your PC, you will get the message “You are all set!”. Click on “Let’s go!”

That’s it, you have successfully connected your PC to your phone.

You can now use your PC for sending and receiving text messages, making a call, and accessing your media files. All your contacts are now synched, so you can search your contact and place a call also.Access your android phone from your PC


That was all about how to link your Android or iPhone to your Windows 10 PC. Hope you understood and enjoyed this amazing feature. If you have any problem linking your PC and Android phone, feel comfortable asking in the comment section. We will be back to you as soon as possible.

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