How to Install Android Studio on Windows?

Install Android Studio on Windows

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install android studio on windows. We have explained each step with a screenshot.

Android Studio installation process can take some time, but it is straightforward and easy. All you need to follow our guide as shown with screenshots and carefully read all instructions given on-screen. The current version of the android studio is 3.3.2 as of writing this tutorial. If you have an old version of the android studio, then you can easily update it after installation. These same instructions can be followed for installing Android Studio on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Step 1 – Download Java Platform (JDK)

Download JDK and make sure that it is installed before the installation of Android Studio. Java is essential for the functioning of Android Studio.

Step 2- Download Android Studio:

Download Android Studio setup from theAndroid Developer website. It will take some time to download, as the entire setup occupies about 1 GB of size. Click on download options to see the available options of operating systems. To download Android studio for windows, click on download options and select windows. Click here to download Android Studio for windows or any other operating system.

Download android studio

Step 3- Welcome to Android Studio Setup:

By double-clicking or Right-click and then select the RUN, the EXE setup that you have downloaded. You will see a setup Wizard Screen, as shown below. You have to click “Next.

Welcome screen

Step 4- Choose Component:

Keep the Default component selected for installation. And then click the button next.

Choose component of android studio

Step 5- License Agreement:

we are sure you would not want to read the entire license agreement, and there is no need to read if you have not some time. You have to click the I agree” button.

License Agreement

Step 6- Configuration Settings:

In this window, you have to select the installation location for Android Studio. You may choose any location/drive that has the required space available. Then click the button next to continue.

system requirement checking for android studio

Step 7- Choose Start Menu Folder:

In this window, you have to just click the install button to continue the installation process.

Choose folder to install android studio in

Step 8-Installing:

Installation should begin now. It may take some time for all the files to be extracted and installed on your computer.

Installation progress

Step 9-Installation Is Completed:

When the installation is completed, click the next button.

installation completed

Step 10-Completing Android Studio Setup:

In this window, click the finish button. Now you have all set to launch Android Studio for the first time.

Completing installation of android studio


It was just the installation part of the Android Studio. Next, you need to configure your Android Studio and install some essential tools that you will need for future uses.

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