How to Reset Windows Password Windows 7, 8 and 10?

Reset Windows Password

You secured your computer with a password and now you forgot your password. You are now in great frustration. Don’t worry we have an easy solution to “how to reset windows password”. This method applies to Windows 7, Windows 8 and also windows 10. You will need a flash drive to store the password reset information on. This process will not erase your flash data. So you should not worry about losing your USB data if you have stored some important data on your USB. Also, keep in mind that you will carry this process on a system other than the one for which you forgot the password. Yes, you don’t know the password of the current computer that’s why you need this stuff.

Step 1: Open Control Panel.

Start the windows button and type control panel in search. The search suggestion will show you control panel when you type just three initial characters. Click on it.

learn how to Open control Panel

Step 2:  Select User Accounts

Select User Accounts from control panel

When you open the control panel, you will see user accounts. Just click on it to open user profiles

Step: 3 Click on Create Password Reset Disk

Create Password Reset Disk for Windows

This option is available in the left panel of user accounts. Find it and click on it. Remember that you should have a flash drive plugged into the USB port before clicking on this option. It will otherwise give you an error message.

Step 4: Select USB Flash Drive

Select USB to Store Password Reset Information on

When you click on “Create a Password Reset Disk” option, the password reset wizard will start with a welcome screen message. Click on next and select your flash drive from the drop-down menu. If you have more than one USB plugged into your computer, all of them will be listed here. Make sure to choose the correct Flash Drive.

Step 5: Provide Current Account Password

Provide current Windows Password

You will also be asked to enter the current account password. Provide the password of the computer on which you are performing this operation. Leave it blank if the computer is not protected with a password and click on next. Carry on this process to the end until you press finish.

Step 6: Insert Password Reset Disk in Target Computer

Plug Reset Windows Password Disk

Now you have successfully created a password reset disk which can be used to reset the password of any computer. Also, remember that the password reset disk created will be used for relevant windows. It means that password reset disk created on Windows 8 will clear the password of windows 8 and not windows 7 or windows 10.

Now you just insert this Flash drive into the computer for which you want to reset the password. When you are prompted to enter the password, press enter and you will see the password reset option. Click on it and the wizard will lead you to reset the password successfully.


In this article, you learn how to “Reset Windows Password”. We advise you not to use this for illegal purposes and it is a crime. You also learn how dangerous is it to allow someone to plug his USB drive into your computer. You also learn how to make your computer secure by not allowing anyone to plug USB into your computer without permission. If you have any question regarding this, please ask it in the comment section.

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