How to rank Fiverr gig on the first page?

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You have arrived at the perfect spot. In this article, we have explained every single point to boost the ranking of your Fiverr gigs. Please read the article with full attention and apply all these tips to your gig. All your gigs will come up on the Fiverr search result pages. We will discuss each factor that affects the ranking of the Fiverr gig and how you will optimize that factor. The order of the list does not reflect its importance. Each factor is equally important and should be given due attention.

Keyword research to rank Fiverr gig

Keyword research plays a very important role in the ranking of a gig on Fiverr. It will give you the right keyword that buyers use in Fiverr’s “search services” area.

How to find the right keyword for your Fiverr Gig?

Login to your Fiverr account

Click on “Switch to Buying”.

The Fiverr’s “Find Services” search box will now be visible to you. Write some text related to your services here and Fiverr will suggest what you want to search for it. Suppose you are a content writer, type content in the search area and you will see a result like this one.

Rank Content Writer gig

You will pick the idea of your focus keywords from here. If you see the above result; content writer, content website, content SEO writer, and content writer for the website are all the focus keywords. You will have to play with these keywords now.

Look at another example.

Suppose you are a WordPress troubleshooter and you fix issues in the WordPress website. Just type “Fix” in the “Find Services” area and you will get this result.

Rank Fiverr gig "Fix WordPress issues"

In this example, we find out the following keywords to be used in the gig’s creation.

Fix WordPress issues, Fix WordPress bugs, Fix WordPress website.

Suggested for you:

Add keywords in the Gig’s title

The focus keywords that we found in the “Keyword Research” section should be added in the gig’s title in a meaningful sentence. Please don’t add keywords such that the sentence becomes grammatically incorrect. A suitable gig title for our content writing services will be like this;

“I will be an SEO content writer for your website”.

Fiverr title example for Content Writer

Now we have used all the focus keywords in a meaningful sentence. The buyers clicking on any of the options from the popup will arrive at your gig. Similarly, the gig’s title for fixing WordPress issues will be like this;

“I will fix WordPress issues and bugs in your website”.

Add keywords in the Gig’s URL

The URL of the gig is generated from the title when it is published. The same words separated by the“-“ symbol appear in the URL.  It is therefore recommended by many experts to design the title with great care. The URL of the gig remains the same even if you edit the gig’s title after publishing. Do what you want to do with the title before publishing. Don’t alter it after being published. Else you will be having different focus keywords in the title and URL which is considered as “not good practice” by many experts.

It looks like this;

Fiverr gig URL example

Add proper category and subcategory

A proper category and subcategory will surely rank your Fiverr gig higher; you should therefore select them with great care.

 Based on your gig’s title, Fiverr will suggest you some categories. You can also check the list to select a more appropriate category for your gig.

Add proper category to rank Fiverr gig

Provide Metadata data to rank gigs higher

Metadata also plays a vital role in Gig’s ranking. It is therefore recommended to provide all the metadata related to your gig. The metadata is so important that Fiverr doesn’t allow you to complete your gig’s creation until you provide the metadata.

Provide metadata for ranking gig

In our example of “content writer”, Fiverr is asking for “language” and “content-type”. It means that in which language will you write and what type of content you will write i.e. sales page, landing page, Product page, contact us page, etc.

If your gig is about another type of writing, you can select “Generic Content” or even you can suggest another type.

Select proper tags to rank your Fiverr gig

Tags also play a vital role in the gig’s ranking. Write some text about your gig’s keyword and Fiverr will suggest tags. Select those only that apply to your gig entirely. You can also copy the gigs of your competitors. Just browse the profile of any freelancer offering the same services and scroll down to the bottom. The tags used by that person will be clearly visible. It looks like these.

Gig tags of competitor

Copying someone’s tags does not violate Fiverr’s terms of service as long as you describe them differently. Don’t copy the whole description, just have an idea from the tags and describe them in your own sentences.

When you select the “search tags”, try to include them from this list if applicable to your gig also. Just write your first name and the tag will appear in the box. They look like this when you select them.

Type Gig tags

Include keywords in Gig’s description

Your gig’s description has equal importance as other factors discussed above. Write a clean and neat description and include keywords in meaningful sentences. Avoid embedding the keywords such that it does not make any sense and seems as if you forcefully used the keywords. It should be natural and comprehensive for humans. Look at this example for content writing services.

Content writer gig's description example

Stay online to rank your gigs higher

Staying online also brings your gig up from offline users if the buyers choose to select from online users only. Buyers can filter search results based on the following filters. It is highly recommended to install the Fiverr app on your mobile and always stay online.

Online sellers on Fiverr

Quick delivery can also boost the ranking of the gigs

Try to deliver as quickly as possible. As shown in the above image, the buyers have also the option to filter the search results based on delivery time

Share your gigs on social media platforms

Sharing your gigs on social media platforms like Linked In, Facebook pages, groups, Twitter, etc will also boost your ranking. Please avoid sharing your gigs in each and every group or page. It is recommended to join a Facebook group related to your gigs and share them over there.

Pro tips:

It is more appropriate to create your own Facebook page or group and share the gigs here. You can also promote your gigs by investing some amount on Facebook. You can even be hired by an organization on a regular basis if they like your services.

Create more gigs in the same category

Creating multiple gigs in the same category can also increase the ranking of your Fiverr gigs. As you saw in our two examples above, we created one gig incorporating all the focus keywords. You can make multiple gigs focusing on one keyword in one gig and another keyword in another gig.

This is also a very good idea for bringing visitors to your gigs from outside Fiverr’s marketplace. The idea is to write some blog articles related to your gig and publish them on your own blog or someone else. You can even write articles on Linked In.  In your article, explain the whole process accurately and then ask the readers whether they want to solve the problem by acquiring your services. Give a link to your gig’s URL address in the article. Any person interested in your services, and they will definitely be interested after being inspired by your article, will surely order your gig.

Get Regular Orders to rank Fiverr gig

If you take regular orders, you will stay up in Fiverr’s ranking. Try to contact your old clients and ask them if they have some work. This is not practical for everyone to take daily orders in the beginning. But you will surely take regular orders with the passage of time. Fiverr being a freelance marketplace requires patience and consistency therefore remain patient and consistent.

Increase the percentage of conversion

Conversion means how many people contacted you and how many of them ordered your gig. Conversion rate plays a role in a gig’s ranking. It is something related to communication skills. Improve your communication skills to grab buyers quickly.

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With the ever-increasing competition on Fiverr, it’s becoming more and more challenging to get noticed by potential clients. That’s why it’s essential to implement effective strategies that will give you an edge over your competitors.

From optimizing your gig title and description to leveraging the power of keywords, you learned step-by-step how to boost your gig’s visibility and attract more high-paying clients. You also learned how to craft compelling gig descriptions, create eye-catching gig images, and use the right tags to target your ideal audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or just starting on Fiverr, these strategies will help you unlock the secrets to ranking your gig and ultimately increase your earnings. Get ready to take your Fiverr gig to new heights.

It was all we knew and experienced about how to rank Fiverr gigs. If you think we have missed a point, please mention it in the comment section to improve our knowledge base and help the community. Wish you the best in your success on the Fiverr marketplace.

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