How to Properly Install Google Analytics?

Install Google Analytics

This article will help you properly install Google Analytics on your website. You will be able to add Google Analytics to your website after reading this article. I have added a screenshot of each step, so you will have no difficulty in understanding the topic.


Google Analytics Guide

Google Analytics is a Google product for measuring the statistics of websites. It can tell you how many visitors came to your website, what was their location, age, gender, etc. it also gives you the performance metrics of the website also such as speed and loading time of pages, etc. I will write articles on all topics related to Google Analytics which can be found at the bottom of the page under the heading, “Related Posts”.

What is Google Analytics used for?

We use Google Analytics for the following tasks. The list is very large but the following are the most important and most often used.

  • Monitor the Bounce Rate of visitors.
  • Monitor the time a user spends on your website.
  • Find out which campaigns bring the most traffic.
  • Determine both the best and the worst performing pages.
  • What are the locations, gender, and ages of your website visitors?
  • Determine the goals based on conversion, the number of pages viewed or any other criteria.
  • Find out the devices of your visitors. It will let you know whether you need AMP to implement or not.

How to Set Up Your Account?

As you know, Google’s account can be sued for all the products of Google. If you have one Google Account, you can use it for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google +, YouTube, or Google Drive. The same account can also be used for Google Analytics and you don’t need to create a new account for Analytics. However, if you wish to create a new account for analytics, you are allowed to do that. Please note that you should not allow any other person to create Google Analytics Account for you. You can grant the access of your analytics to your developer, SEO expert or any other person but the full control should be with you and only you.

Follow the following steps for adding Google Analytics to your website.

Google Analytics Start
  • Click on Sign Up under “Start using Google Analytics”.

If you don’t have an account

Install Google Analytic with new Account
  • Account Name:  Enter a valid name for your account. This can be your name or the name of your business. Each account can have up to 50 properties.
  • Website Name: Enter the name of your website.
  • Website URL: Enter the URL address of your website here. Make sure to enter the correct URL address. If you have SSL active and all your traffic is directed to www then you should add like this.
  • Industry Category: Enter the niche of your website here from a drop-down list. For example, it can be arts and entertainment, Automotive, beauty, and fitness, etc.
  • Reporting Time Zone: Enter the reporting time zone for Analytics. Select your country and the time zone will automatically be selected.
  • Set data sharing options, whether you want to share data or not.
  • Click on Get Tracking ID

If you have an account

Install Analytics with old Google Account
  • Login to your Google Analytics
  • Click on Admin
  • Now click on Create Property
  • You will get all the above options except Account Name.

When you click on Get Tracking ID, you will get the message of accepting license agreement which you will have to accept. After accepting the license agreement, you will get the required code.

Where should I put my Google Analytics Tracking Code?

After getting the tracking id, you will have to place it on every page of the website which you want to monitor for traffic. This depends on the type of your website. If you are using WordPress CMS, you will have to add the code just before the closing head tag. This can be achieved by either the theme editor or Cpanel. There are also plenty of Plugins for adding analytic code to your WordPress website but I will not recommend using a Plugin solely for this purpose.


This was all about how to install Google Analytics to your website. I hope you understand the topic clearly. If you have any questions regarding the procedure, you can ask them in the comment section. Google Analytics is a must tool and every website must have it. The data of Google Analytics is a foundation for any SEO activity. It gives you all the statistics which can be used to improve the search engine visibility of your website.

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