How to make your Website or Blog eligible for Google Adsense?

Eligibility Criteria of Google Adsense for Blog or Website

How to make your Website or Blog eligible for Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a platform offered by Google both for publishers and advertisers. Publishers must have content live on the internet to attract visitors. The advertisers will put ads on the content if the visitors and contents of the publishers are valuable to the advertisers. So before writing any content think what sort of visitors will that content bring to your website?

Make your Website or Blog eligible for Google Adsense

Before applying for Google Adsense program as a publisher, you must ensure the following requirement for your blog or website in order to be eligible for Google Adsense. Read the following steps carefully to make your Website or Blog eligible for Google Adsense

Domain Age

Although this is not a criteria for all the websites but it still applies to the publishers of certain countries including India and China. The domain age for these countries will be 6 months at least. It means that you should apply for adsense after six months of registering the domain.

Number of Posts on blog

You should have at least 40 blog posts each of length 300. The contents should not be copy and paste from other websites. Write your own articles and don’t copy from somewhere else. You can take an idea from other websites but the contents should be your own. All the articles should be of high quality and there should be no grammatical mistakes. Use bullets and heading for better understanding of the visitors

Duplicate Contents

The site should not have any duplicate contents in order to be eligible for the Google Adsense program. This applies to both internal and external duplicate contents. Internal duplicate contents are those if your article lies on more than one location (URLs) on your site. External duplicate contents are those taken from other websites.

Must have Pages

Every website must have three pages before applying for Google Adsense Program. 

  1. Contact us page
  2. Terms of Service Page
  3.  Privacy Policy page

Website Design

The design of the website must be clean and neat prior to applying for Adsense. You should avoid too many widgets as that increase reading difficulty for the visitors. Also, the speed of the website should be kept in mind. Fast loading websites are loved by Google. The design should be friendly both for visitors and search engine

Top Level Domain

And last but not least, you should use a top-level domain for taking Adsense approval. Google Adsense cannot be approved on a subdomain. Although you can use Adsense code on subdomains also but initial approval should be taken submitting a top-level domain to Google.

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