How to Install WordPress on localhost

Install WordPress on localhost

This article will help you learn how to install WordPress on localhost. A step by step illustration of the procedure with relevant screenshots is given.

Xamp server can be used for the installation of WordPress on the local host. XAMO stands for cross-platform Apache MariaDB and PHP. This server provides very ease for developers in order to deploy the server on the localhost for testing purposes. This website made on localhost can later be hosted to a custom domain when all the posts and pages are complete. We will start from development on localhost and then at the end, we will host this website on a domain.

Step 1: Download XAMP Server

Download Xamp Server and WordPress both. WordPress usually comes in compress form so unzip it and place it in the htdocs folder of XAMP server. Look at the following figure for details.

How to Install WordPress on local host

Step 2: Create a Database

Start the XAMP server Apache and Mysql Services from its control panel. Type localhost/phpmyadmin. Click on Databases, type name of the database and click on create. This was how to create a database on the XAMP server. See the following figure

How to Install WordPress on local host

Step 3: Starting Installation

After this, type http://www.localhost/wordpress in the address bar of your browser, select English, which is selected by default, and click on next.

How to Install WordPress on local host

Step 4: Provide Website Information

Select the database name that you had created in phpmyadmin, select user name “root” and Password Blank for the time being. leave database host and table prefix unchanged. You will be prompted with the next screen if you typed each thing correctly. Click on ” Run the Installation”. The following screen will appear.

Step 5: Provide Username and Password

Select the Title of the site, username, and password. Make sure to provide a complex password. It should contain a combination of small letters, upper case letters, digits, special characters. Make it as strong as possible so that it cannot be guessed. Provide the Email address so as to receive the installation details. If you want your site to be not indexed yet then have a check-in “ Discourage search engines from indexing this site”.

If you see the following screen. It means your installation was successful. Click on login to login to your site. Provide and username and password you had given during installation. And that was how to install WordPress on localhost, XAMP server in our example.

This was a complete procedure of Install WordPress on the localhost. If you have any queries, ask them in the comment section. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.


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