How to Install and Activate Matlab 2018a ?

This article explains complete step by step method for installation and activation of Matlab 2018a. Each step is supported with relevant screen short.

Install and Activate Matlab

Matlab Stands for Matrix Laboratory. Its developers are MathWorks. It is a high-level programming tool used for numerical computing. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and activate Matlab 2018a. We will provide a screenshot with each step to help you better understand the topic.

It provides an environment for visualization and computation. It is used for application development, Electronic Designs, Machine designs, etc.

Install Matlab 2018a

  • To install MATLAB R2018a, insert the MATLAB flash drive then open the Windows folder, and double click on the setup. (In the case of 64-bit computers, you will need to go to the bin\win64 folder and run the setup from there). Installation of Matlab 2018a consists of the following steps.

Step 1: Select Installation Method

You have two installation methods available. If you have MathWorks account, then login to your account and start the installation. In case of having no account, you will have to use a file installation key. In this case we have the installation file, so we will select the second option.

Installation of Matlab 2018a

Step 2: MathWorks Installer

In the MathWorks Installer window, select the button Next to Use a File Installation Key. After the selection of “use a file Installation key”, click the Next button after that.

Installation of Matlab 2018a

Step 3: License Agreement:

In the License Agreement window, select the Yes button and then next to Do you accept the terms of the license agreement. After selecting this click to the Next button.

Step 4: File Installation Key for Matlab r2018a

In the File Installation Key, when clicking the radio button next to I have the activation key for my license and then enter the file installation key found in the readme(.txt) file on the flash drive or the file downloaded with the software. In the end, click the Next button.

Installation of Matlab 2018a
Installation of Matlab 2018a

Step 5: Folder Selection:

In the Folder Selection Window, select the place where we want to install the Matlab. After the selection of the folder, click the Next button.

Installation of Matlab 2018a

Step 6: Product Selection:

In Product Selection Window we have to select those products which we want to install. There is in this stage we leave all defaults. Which is by default select all and then at the end click the Next button.

Installation of Matlab 2018a

Step 7: File Installation Key for Matlab 2018a

In the license file browse to the flash drive or to the folder where you extracted the .zip files to.find the license.lic file(shown in the below image) in the same folder where you previously found the file installation key. After selecting the license file, click Next.

Matlab Installlation 7

Step 8: Installation Options:

In the Installation Options Window, choose where we want shortcuts to be installed. Desktop, Start menu or both. After selecting for adding shortcuts click the Next button.

Installation of Matlab 2018a
Installation of Matlab 2018a

Step 9: Confirmation

In the Confirmation Window, we click the Install button

Installation of Matlab 2018a

Installing Matlab wait sometimes up to the end of the status bar.

Installation of Matlab 2018a

If you don’t have a supported Compiler,.NET Frame-Work, or a JAVA JDK installed then they will need to be installed before Matlab will operate correctly.

Installation of Matlab 2018a

Installation is completed, click finish now.

Activation of Matlab 2018a

Now you need to Activate MATLAB R2018a. You have two options here. Either to login to MathWork Account or to enter the full path to Licence File. We have the licence file, so we have to select the second option here. We will follow the following steps for activating Matlab 2018a.

Step 1: Provide Matlab 2018 a Licence file

Click the radio button beside the option for Activate automatically using the Internet. And then click the Next button.

Activation of Matlab 2018a

Step 2 Select Licence File

Click on browse and locate your licence file.

Activation of Matlab 2018a

In this window click on the Browse button and select the License.lic file located on the flash drive.

Activation Completed

You will be prompted with a success message of “Activation Complete”, if you have provided a valid licence file. Click on FINISH.

Activation of Matlab 2018a

It was the complete procedure of how to Install and Activate Matlab. If you have any questions, please tell them in the comment section. Your feedback will be appreciated.

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