How to Improve Your Website SEO?

Improve Your Website SEO

In this article, you will be able to learn how to improve your website SEO. All these techniques have yielded good results for me so I want to share them with you.

Improve Your Website SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to techniques and methodologies to improve ranking in search engines. If you are having a blog or a big e-commerce website, traffic is important in all of the cases. Then targeted traffic which will improve your conversion rate is the most important thing. SEO is what will bring you the targeted traffic. You can also buy traffic or use social media sharing to bring traffic to the website. But that is both costly and tedious. SEO will bring you targeted traffic and the conversion rate will be high. If you are not an expert in SEO I will suggest hiring an SEO expert for this purpose.

In this tutorial, I have highlighted the most important factors which improve ranking. All these techniques I am sharing are from my personal experience. Keep in mind that Search Engines like Google give importance to user experience. You will have to write content that is liked by your users. If the user experience is not good, then these techniques will temporarily bring you to top in ranking but later you will lose that ranking. So you must ensure the best user experience for this purpose.

Speed of the Website

This is gaining more and more weight in SEO after an increase in the use of Mobile devices. Mobile users cannot wait longer for your website to open. For this purpose, you should consider both your hosting and website optimization. So that the user arrives on your website quickly. Google has clearly said that it will give high ranking to the page which loads fast if two pages are equal in all other metrics. Many websites have now turned to the AMP version for achieving the fast loading of pages. ( Click here to know how to convert your website to AMP).

Website Navigation Structure

Website navigation structure also contributes a lot to the improvement of website SEO. Navigation structure refers to links in header menus and internal links within the articles. The more easily users and usefully users navigate from one page to another, the more it gives juice to SEO. The website structure itself is a very lengthy topic and is covered in a separate article.

Read more about website site architecture and how to improve it


Choosing the right keyword is the heart of optimization. This is where your SEO optimization starts from. You will have to think of a phrase or sentence which is fed into the search engine by people. There are many tools that suggest a keyword and also tell you the volume of searches based on that keyword. Greater the amount of search volume, greater will be the competition for you to rank as many people might have used that keyword.

  • Keyword should be present in title and permalink
  • It should be present in headings
  • Keyword should be present in the first paragraph of the content
  • It may also be included at the last of the article
  • It should not be used more than 2.5 percent

Meta Description

The Meta description for a blog post is the short introduction of the article which appears in SERPS. This is also an important factor because the user will not click on your site title in Google if your SERP is not attractive. This is a convincing power that convinces the users to click on the title of your article in search results. As can be seen in the following screenshots, part of the title and Meta description has been truncated. This is a limit put by Google. The optimal size for the title is 52 characters and for the meta description is 150 characters.

Improve Your Website SEO

Robots.txt File

This is a text file saved with the name of “robots.txt”. it resides in the root directory of the website. This has to be created and then uploaded to the root directory. It instructs the search engine bots what to be indexed and what not to be indexed.


A sitemap is the list of URLs and/or pages that resides on the website. WordPress users can use a Plugin to generate a sitemap. Google XML Sitemap is one of the most used Plugin for this purpose. I will also show you a method of how to generate a sitemap in WordPress without Plugin. I will link it here.


You must be having contents and that is what you want to optimize for search engines. The contents should be of optimal length. Don’t increase length unnecessarily. It should be readable by users, to the point and as compact as possible.

Content creation is also a very lengthy topic that is covered in a separate article. Click on this link if you are interested to know about how to create SEO friendly content.


This article was how to improve your website SEO. I hope this would help you a lot. If you have any questions regarding the topic you can ask it in the comment section. If I found some other things which will be helpful to improve your website SEO, then I will be sharing them from time to time.

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