How to Find Your PHP Version in Cpanel?

Find Your PHP Version in Cpanel

In this article, you will learn how to find your PHP version in Cpanel. This information is very necessary to know about prior to installing an application. You must ensure that your server meet the minimum installation requirement for the application.

The servers running latest version of PHP will load the applications fast. As with the passage of time, more focus is spared for speed to meet the user requirement. According to experts in SEO, about 40 percent of the visitors will leave the website if it does not load in 3 seconds. Keeping these speed requirements in your mind, you should ensure that your hosting is providing you a server with the latest version of PHP.

PHP is the mostly used programming languages in web development. About 80 percent websites are made using this programming language. WordPress themes and Plugins are also made using this language. The WordPress core files are also in PHP Lanugage.

Steps to Know about Server PHP Version

Following are the steps to find server PHP version

  • Login to your Cpanel
  • Click on server information in the left side panel
  • A new window will pop up with two columns having two files (item and detail)
  • Look for PHP under the item column
  • Look for the value under detail column against PHP. This will be a number representing the PHP version.
Find Your PHP Version in Cpanel

And that was how to find your PHP version in Cpanel. Hope you understand it well. If you have any question, feel comfortable to ask it in comment section. We will be glad if we can be helpful for you.

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