How to Find the Culprit Plugin in WordPress?

Culprit Plugin in WordPress

Culprit Plugin is a terminology knows among developers for that Plugin which is creating problems in WordPress. These problems vary in nature. For example your WordPress installation may be utilizing high CPU resources; there may be problem with theme, CSS error and many more. These are just few to mention. In most of the cases, a problem in WordPress may occur due to a wrong coded, misconfigured or corrupt Plugin.  But how one will identify this Plugin. It’s very easy.

Deactivate Plugins Using WordPress Admin Panel

IF you are able to access you WordPress dashboard, then login to it. Navigate to Plugins and select Installed Plugins. It will show you a list of all Plugins that are installed.

Culprit Plugin in WordPress

Click on deactivate one by one until all Plugins are deactivated. Now browse your site if the problem still exists or not. If the problem is still there then Plugin is not culprit. But if the problem does not exist then one of the Plugin is responsible. Activate the Plugin one by one and check for errors. This will figure out the problematic Plugin.

Deactivate Plugins Using CPanel

Sometime you are also not able to access your admin dashboard in WordPress. In this case you will have to deactivate the Plugins via Cpanel.

Login to your hosting Cpanel with the credentials provided by your hosting.

  • Select File Manager.
  • Navigate to wp-content>Plugins.
Culprit Plugin in WordPress
  • Either rename the Plugins folder to deactivate all Plugins at once or rename the Plugins one by one.
Culprit Plugin in WordPress
  • Rename will make it deactivated. But rename it in such a way that it can be renamed again to its original name.  (Hint: just append 0 or old or anything with the file name.

This was all about how to find Culprit Plugin in WordPress. Hope you understood well. Your questions will be most welcomed and it will help us grow our knowledge base. If you are still having the problem and want to fix it with me. Copy the following URL into your browser to buy my gig on fiverr

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