How to find the best search tags for Fiverr?

In this article, you will learn how to find search tags for Fiverr and how to use them properly.

Search tags are search queries that buyers type in the Fiverr search field (What services are you looking for today?). These search queries can help us find the tags that can be used in creating a gig. The auto-suggestions box in many search fields has locked people’s brains. There will be very few users who will continue typing and ignore the search suggestions. Most people will select one of the auto-generated search suggestions.

The second method of finding the search tags of your competitors is to look for the search tags used by your competitors. For this, browse the profile of your competitor and scroll down to the last section until you reach the “Reviews” section. The search tags used by your competitor will be listed right after the “Review” section with the name “Related tags.”

Proper use of search tags for Fiverr

To ensure a good ranking for your Fiverr gig, we suggest following the following guidelines:

Select the right Keyword

You will also get some other suggestions when you type a query into the “Fiverr search field. Choose only those auto-generated queries from the list that best fit your gig and are wholly relevant to it. For example, if I type “WordPress,” see the following suggestions:

  1. WordPress
  2. WordPress website design
  3. WordPress fix
  4. WordPress Plugin
  5. WordPress developer
  6. WordPress blog
  7. WordPress malware removal
  8. WordPress speed optimization

Now if I don’t offer the services of WordPress fix and WordPress malware removal in my gig, I will not include them in the search tags.

Search tags from auto-generated suggestion

Use a maximum of Five

Select only five tags if they are relevant to your gig. Suppose three of these auto-generated suggestions are relevant, use these three and two others from your competitors.

Note: It is acceptable to use the search tags used by your competitors but you should use them differently in the title and description of your gig.

Use in the title and description of your gig

This is last but not least, the importance of incorporating search tags in the gig’s title and description cannot be denied. This step, if implemented properly, will outclass your competitors. Try to include search tags at the beginning of the title.

Note: Don’t use the search tags too frequently; the optimum intensity of search tags is 3 percent.  ]


That was all about how to find the right keywords for your gigs and how to use them properly. These search tags play the role of magic in ranking your Fiverr gig. If you still have ambiguities about the topic, feel comfortable writing them in the comment section below.

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