Extend drive C partition

In this tutorial we will discuss how to extend drive Cpartition without any data loss. All the steps are explained with relevantscreen shots.

Why do you need to it?

There are many circumstances when you will need to extenddrive partition. In most of the cases you need extra space in drive C. You haveinstalled enough applications and now you want to install more but your drive Cis showing red line. Don’t worry; we will fix the issue without windowsinstallation and without affecting your data.

Step by step Process

  • Press windows + R on your keyboard to open run prompt
  • Type “diskmgmt.msc” in Run. You will see the following screen.
  • Now select the drive where you have enough disk space and can be allotted to the required drive
  • Right click on the drive and select shrink
  • Enter the amount of space in MBs and click on shrink (Note: this value is in MB, 1024Mb=1GB)
Extend drive C partition Without losing data
  • Now you have extra space in disk management system which is not allocated
  • Right click on the drive you want to extend and click on extend this time
  • A wizard will open now which will lead to extending the drive partition. Next, next and finish
Extend drive C partition Without losing data

The unallocated space will be available to be given to thispartition. Enter the amount or it will be selected automatically and click onextend

This was all about extending drive partition in windows. Hope you understand the process. If you have any difficulty in doing the same, ask it in comment section. We will answer you as soon as possible.