How to change PHP Version of Website?

Change PHP Version of Website

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change PHP version of website. This update is very necessary for smooth operation and fast loading of every website.

Advantages of latest PHP version

More than about 80 percent websites run on PHP. Latest PHP version is also required for CMS like WordPress. When a Plugin is updated, it always gets updated with latest PHP version. So the update is very necessary for WordPress users. This will ensure the compatibility with new updates of the Plugins. And the outdated version also poses security threats. The site speed also increases with the update in PHP version. So I would suggest all WordPress users to update their PHP version and its super easy.

First of all, you will be curious to learn which PHP version your website is currently using. There are three ways you can figure it out.

Method for Checking PHP Version

  • With the Use of Plugin
  • Using phpinfo() function
  • From Cpanel

There are lot of Plugins for checking PHP version of website. But using a Plugin for such an easy task is not wise and I will not recommend it. The other two methods works fine and have no risk associated. Write the following piece of code and save it with PHP extension and upload it to Public-Html folder of your Cpanle account.

<? Php



phpinfo() Function

It will give you the following result.

This function gives other useful information also beside PHP version.

Using Cpnel

  • Login to Cpanel account
  • Select MultiPHP Manager
Change PHP Version of Website
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the new popup windows to check the version.
  • If you want to change the version, select your desire domain
  • Select the desired PHP version and click on apply
Change PHP Version of Website

And that was all about how to upgrade your site to the latest PHP version. Hope you understand well. If you have any question, ask it in comment or email us. We are committed to your help and we will be glad if we could help someone.

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