How to Add Facebook Comment to any Website | A Proper Method

Add Facebook Comment to any Website?

Facebook comments provide the facility to add Facebook comments to the website. Users of the site are not only able to add a comment on your post but also they can post their comment to their Facebook timeline. So the post becomes visible to the largest social media platform, Facebook.

How to add the Comments Box to a website?

Step 1:   Create a Facebook Application

  • Visit Facebook for developers  (
  • You will be prompted to log in to your account if you are not already logged in
  • Select  My Apps and click on “ Create a New App” from the Menu
 Create a Facebook Application
  • You will then see two text boxes where you will have to enter the display name and contact email address. Provide a suitable name for your App and the Contact number through which you will get the confirmation of your App. Click on “Create App ID”.
Create Facebook App ID
  • You will be directed to the App dashboard when you click on “ Create App ID”. Click on Basic Setting in the Application Dashboard.
    • Provide App Domain (this is the URL of the website on which you want your Facebook comment app).
    • Then write the Privacy Policy URL and Terms of Service URL. These are URLs of the privacy policy and Terms of Service of your website.
    • Select Icon of your Application. This image should be of size between 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024. And the size must not exceed 5 MB.
    • Select Category of your website
    • Provide Data Protection Officer Address. It is for European Union General Data Protection Regulation. These fields are optional, and the App works without these fields also.
    • Click on Add Platform and enter the URL of your site
How to Add Facebook Comment to any Website

Step 2 : Set Styles and Width etc of Comments Box

  • Enter the URL to comment on
  • Enter Width of the Plugin Box
  • Number of Comments that you want to show on each post
  • Finally, click on Get Code
How to Add Facebook Comment to any Website

You will get two pieces of code. One is JavaScript SDK which you will put once right of the opening body tag.  And the other part of code is to be inserted on the permalink where you want the comment box to appear.

How to Add Facebook Comment to any Website | A Proper Method

For WordPress users, they will have to change the data-href value to the permalink of the post. There is also a Plugin available for adding comments Facility to WordPress sites.

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