How does Google Ensure User Satisfaction?

Google Ensure User Satisfaction

As all of us know, Google has so far been the best search engine. And one of the reasons is that it does not cost you for organic traffic to your site. But if you want to have Google ads then you will have to pay for the paid search. We should also realize that Google is very serious about his business and it himself guide how it makes its search queries better and better. So we will have a look at why Google is better than other search engines and how it’s trying to be better. There are thousands of engineers in Google to refine its algorithms and keep them updated to meet user satisfaction.

Google Ensure User Satisfaction

How does Google refine algorithms?

Google is making changes in algorithms frequently to provide the best possible user experience. The changes which are made can be in the following manners.

User Satisfaction

Google regularly takes user feedback to know about its experience. The most important entity for Google is the user. Google claims that it’s trying to deliver useful and relevant content. Any update is not released until and unless tested by a specialized team hired for this purpose. When engineers of Google realize to release a feature, it is first delivered to its hired people. These people are specialized in the fields. They point out the features they like and they don’t like in the form of a checklist. Google then released only those features which are liked by the team.

A/B Testing

This is another form of testing the user experience. Here two versions of the feature, a web page, are taken. They are first shown to their own team and they choose which version they like. After it, the version chosen by the team is released to the public. This is called A/B Testing.

Features tested on some traffic

This is also a measure of user satisfaction. In this approach, a newly released feature is shown to a portion of the users. It notices the user interaction with that feature. The result is obtained in the form of a graph. This result is shared with engineers and they decide whether to keep the feature or not. If users interact with the feature positively and liked it then Google releases it for the entire users.

Google also releases guidelines for website owners to optimize their website. And the objective in this is user satisfaction. Google has launched many tools like webmaster tools and speed optimization tools for website owners. Google also emails regularly about errors in website to website owners. In all of these struggles and efforts, the only motive is to get the best user satisfaction.

There are many websites which are a fraud and are just for deceiving users. Google knows about them but does not close them. It let the user decides which is good and which is bad. Those websites are pushed back only after user response.

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