How to fix the white screen of death in WordPress?

White screen of death in WordPress

White screen of death is an error that might have happened to many website owners. This is the most annoying error because you don’t get an error message. Instead you just see the white screen and therefore you are clueless to find out a solution. If you are facing the same error don’t worry we will help you fix it very easily.

What causes white screen of death?

There are many causes of white screen of death. A miscoded or wrongly updated WordPress Plugin or theme is the cause of the problem in most of the cases. What that means? Well, if you have recently made any changes to coding of Plugin or theme or if the Plugin or theme is updated recently. That changes or updates are not compatible with WordPress and hence you face this problem. If you remember the changes you made with coding then you will have to reverse those changes.  If you don’t remember the changes, and remember only the file names of your themes where you made the changes. Then you will have to delete these files and upload the new files from your computer provided that you have files of your theme saved with you. If these two options are not available then go on reading with other fixes.


Following are some of the solutions to correct this error.

Note: Make sure you have backed up your site properly before making any changes

Case 1: hosting

If you have hosted multiple websites with the same hosting, then check your other website. If all your websites can not be browsed then the problem is with your hosting. Contact them and they will fix the issue.

Case 2: Plugins

In most of the cases Plugins are responsible for such sort of errors. Deactivate all your Plugins and try browsing the site. If the site is browsing well, then you will have to find out the Culprit Plugin.

Case 3: Themes

Deactivate your theme and leave the default theme. Try browsing your site now. If you can’t access the WordPress admin panel, then you will have to deactivate your theme from Cpanel.

  • Login to your Cpanel
  • Click on File Manager
  • Navigate to Public_html
  • Select wp-contents>themes
  • Right click on your active theme and select rename
  • Give it a name so that it can easily be reverted back. Such as yourthem_inactive or similar

Try browsing now; hope your site will be functioning if it was theme problem

Case 4: Memory Limit

Increase your PHP memory limit. Paste the following code in wp-config.php

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );

Case 5: Disabling Cache

If you can access the WordPress admin Panel, then the problem may most probably be due to cache. Simply empty all your cache.

Case 6: Hosting again

Yes your hosting again, if none of the fixes worked then you will have to restore your backup. Ask your hosting to restore the backup of your site. Every hosting providers today take daily backups of your site so that you can recover your site in case of crashes.

And that was all the fixes known to us for the current problem. If you have faced this problem and fixed it in some other way. Kindly tell us the fix so that we can update this article and include that one also.

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Engr. Rahamd Ullah
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