How to Fix “Error Too Many Redirects” in WordPress?

Fix “Error Too Many Redirects” in WordPress?

WordPress no doubt is the best Content Management System (CMS) but many new user of this CMS becomes fed up when they come across some error. One of these errors is “This page is not working; redirected you too many times”.  In this tutorial we are going to explain the reason of this error and how to correct it.

What is Error Too Many Redirects?

This error occurs when browser stuck in an indefinite loop. This is usually caused by incorrect use of redirecting URL. If a URL is directed to another URL, which is not redirected to a specific location, will produce “Error too Many Redirects”,

This error looks like this on Google Chrome Browser

And it looks like this on Opera Browser

When you type or click on a URL of your site and it points to a specific location in setting, the page will load normally. But if it is not leading to a specific location, then the browser stuck in an indefinite loop because it cannot determine what to load. The typed URL and the setting does not match with one another, so you get the error too many redirects.
the main reason behind this error message is configuration issue in setting. Following is a list of possible reasons that leads to this error.

Causes of Error too many redirects

  • A culprit plugin (incorrect configuration of installed plugin)
  • Website Home Address and Site URL are different
  • Errors in .htaccess file (This may also be altered by an installed plugin)
  • Shared hosting may also be a problem

The above list indicates that a minor mistake can lead to break the whole website. We will be addressing all above issues one by one.

Solutions of Error too many redirects in WordPress

Solution 1: A Culprit Plugin

To identify which plugin is creating the problem. Deactivate the plugins one by one and load the site. You can deactivate the plugin from WordPress admin Panel. See the following screen shot.

If you cannot access the WordPress admin panel, then you will have to deactivate them from Cpanel. Go to Cpanel>File Manger>Public Html>wp-contents>Plugins. Just rename the Plugin name and it will be de-activated. Try loading the site after renaming the plugin one by one.

Solution 2: Make Website Home Address and Site URL address same

Go to your WordPress Admin Panel. Click on Setting> General. See the following screen shot.

Again if you are not able to access the WordPress admin panel, you will have to do it via Cpanel. Go to root of your site. Click on File Manger and select wp-config.php. Click on Edit and Insert the following two lines of code at the end. Replace the example with your site. Also try it without www and http instead of https, if your site is now SSL encrypted. If the site loads smooth with http and you have installed SSL, then the problem lies in SSL setup.



Solution 3: Correction in .htaccess

Here you simple rename .htaccess to .htaccess_old or some other name. this will disable the file. Now go to WordPress admin panel. Select setting>Permalinks and Just click on save. This will generate a new .htaccess file. You can delete the old htaccess file, if the site loads normal now.

Solution 4: Contact your hosting

If all above solutions fail for you, then you should contact your hosting. The problem is on hosting site. Take a screen shot of the message to show it to the hosting support personals. They will hopefully correct the problem.

This was all about fixing “Error too many redirects” in WordPress. If you have any question, ask it in comment section. We will be glad if we can provide you some sort of help.

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