How to find or recover your Facebook account?

In this article, you will learn two simple and straightforward methods to find or recover your Facebook account. This article is helpful for you if you have lost your account, forgotten your account credentials, your account is disabled, etc.

How do I know whether my Facebook account has been disabled?

You will see this message when you log into your account if it is disabled.

“Your account has been disabled”.

Why is your Facebook account disabled?

If you post fake information, violate the terms of Facebook, use a fake name, adopt a behavior that is against Facebook community standards, or contact people for advertising, harassment, or other purposes; then these actions lead to disabling your Facebook account.

Now let’s discuss the methods of recovering your Facebook account. We will also provide screenshots of each step to help you better understand the topic and recover your account easily. Are you ready? Let’s go;

Method 1: Find or recover your Facebook Account with email or phone

recover your fb account with email or phone
  • You will see some account suggestions, look for your account and click on “This is my account”.
select the Facebook account that you want to recover
  • A link with a reset password will be sent to your registered email or phone.
use your email or phone to recover your fb account
  • Open the link and reset your password.

Method 2: Find or Recover Your Facebook Account from the Profile Link

  • This method will work on your PC or the phone where you previously logged in to your account.
  • Select the profile from one of your friend’s Facebook accounts or type its URL in the browser
  • Click on the three dots before the profile picture and click on “find support or report”.
  • Select the option ” Something Else” in the “Report” screen.
recover fb account with profile link
  • Select “Recover your account”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to recover your hacked account.

What if the above fixes didn’t work for you?

The above fixes will not work for you if you have entered your phone number wrongly; try to enter your phone number with the plus sign along with your country code.

It is also possible that you don’t remember your email address completely. If you remember your email address but don’t know its password; try recovering your email, as that will be very easy as you will get access to it this way. Once you recover your email, it will be super easy to get a password reset link from Facebook in your email and get access to your Facebook account.

How do I find out the email address or phone number used for my Facebook Account?

When you create a Facebook account, Facebook provides you with a personalized URL to your account profile. It will look like this;

If you don’t remember your username, ask your friend to browse your Facebook account and provide you with your personalized profile URL. This will be shown in his browser once he browses your Facebook account.

Tell your friend to browse your account and see your contact information from there. The contact information will be available in the About section of your profile.


This was all about how to find or recover your Facebook account. These steps if followed correctly will surely help you find your Facebook account. If you have still problems with recovering your account, just ask us in the comment section to get prompt help. One of our customer support agents will be back to you as soon as possible.

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