How to download YouTube Videos without a download manager?

Download YouTube Videos

To download a video from YouTube, you need a download manager. The download manager from any software distribution firm is not always free. It gets expired after one month or so. There are ways to crack them but they also do not work all the time and are usually temporary. Using a cracked version of any software may result in other operating system’s problems because cracked versions of the software are from hackers. You get a full version at the risk of making your computer system vulnerable to malicious attacks. In this article, you will learn how to download a YouTube video without using a download manager.

Step 1: Open YouTube Video

Open any YouTube video you want to download. Wait until it is fully loaded.

Step 2: Write “ss” in the URL

download YouTube Video 1

Go to the URL address of the video. Just click on the URL bar and you will get the URL address of the video. Write “ss” before “y” of the video’s link. For example, if the URL address is like;

It will become like;

Step 3: Click on download

download YouTube Video 2

You will be redirected to a third party website; here you will have to select the quality in which you want to download the video. Select the desired quality and click on download. The download will start in a few seconds in your browser downloads.

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