How to Create Google My Business Profile?

Google My Business Profile

If you are searching for the easiest local SEO for your business, Google My Business is the easiest and free product achieving this goal. Google my business is the name of Google product through which you create a listing of your business on Google Maps. Google automatically pen you at the address which you provide while creating your profile. To verify that you have a real business, Google sends you a letter on your physical address. You are provided code in that letter and you will have to verify your physical existence via that pin code. Your business will not be verified until you enter that code in your business profile listing. Now we will walk through steps to create Google My Business Profile for free. This is the easiest and free way of local SEO optimization.

Step 1: Getting Started

Type in your browser URL and press enter. You will get the following screen.

Getting Started with Google My Business

Step 2: Name of Google My Business

Click on Start Now, you will be prompted with the following screen. Enter the name of your business and then click next.

Name of Business

Step 3: Address of Business

Provide the address of your business. If the business address needs more than one line, you can add more lines. Enter the name of the country, street address, city and postal code. Click on Next.

Address in Google My Business Profile

Step 4: Choosing Exact Location

 Google will pin you at the address you provided. If you want to make changes, you can change it to a more accurate location. Set your accurate location and click on next.

Location of Google Business

Step 5: Do you deliver products?

Now you will have two options. Whether the customer comes to you or you deliver them your products. Choose the appropriate option according to your business and click on next. If you deliver the products, choose “Yes, I also serve them outside my location”. If you don’t have the delivery of your items then select “No, I don’t”.

select whether you deliver products

Step 6: Category of Business | Important for Local SEO

Choose the category of your business in this step. Make sure to choose the correct category so that people can easily find you on Google and you rank better than your competitors.

Category of Google Business listing

Step 7: Contact Details of Business

Now provide the contact details of your business so that people can connect easily with you. You can also skip these options but I will recommend providing all details so that people visiting your business can contact you easily. You have to enter Phone Number and website if you have. If you don’t have a website then Google can also create a website for you. But if you really think you don’t need a website, you can also check that option.

Add Contact details of Business in Google My Business

Step 8: Verification of Business Ownership

Just click on the finish now. You will be asked to verify your business. If you had entered a mobile phone number in step 7, you will get a verification code on that mobile phone. Click on send me the code or call me to verify. You will see the following screen after verification.

Google My Business home page

Step 9: Add Opening and Closing Hours of Business

Now it tells that my business profile is completed 40 percent. I will have to add more information to complete the profile. Let’s add business hours for our business. If you have a holiday on someday, you will have to set that. If you open and close your business multiple times in a day, you can also tell all opening and closing times. This is usually the case with a clinic. Suppose it is open from 08:00 am to 10:00 am and then it closes on 10 and again open on 12 and remains open till 02:00 pm. It can be achieved by clicking on add hours.

Provide hours in Google My Business

Step 10: Add Photos of Business

Go to the photo section to add more information. We can add photos of the inner as well as the outer section. For example for a university, we can add pictures of classrooms, labs, and cafeteria as interior design and outer roads, markets or other well know places around our business as exterior design. In the overview section, we can add a logo, cover and a video of our business. Try to add a video of a short duration. The video duration should be under one minute.

Add photos in Google My Business listing

Step 11: Create Contents for Customers

Create a post for your customer to add more to your ranking on Google. Google encourages businesses to add value to customers by creating posts for them. For example, if you are a mobile phone business and you want to add a review of Samsung and Nokia mobile, this information will be useful for your customers. Now if a person is reviewing these two phones, it is more probable that he will be buying it. If you provide a review, you will surely rank for this if your competitors have not done so. In short, you will need to produce as much content as you can for your customers to achieve the goal of optimizing your business for local SEO. But these contents should be useful for your customers.

In the post section, you can also add an offer, even or product updates. If you have an offer of a 20 percent discount suppose on a Nokia mobile, you will have to inform your customer about it.

Create Post in Business Listing for Local SEO Optimization

Step 12: Message Setting for Customers

You can get messages from your customers and reply to those messages via the android app or IOS. You will have to download the app from the relevant store and reply to the messages of your customers. This messaging will keep you in touch with your customers and they will also have a good experience if their messages are answered. Good user experience is a signal of boosting local SEO for your business.


You can also navigate other options which are very easy and self-explanatory. We have discussed the most important components of Google My Business Profile. This is highly recommended for every business to set its Google My Business Profile. This is a very cheap way of implementing local SEO optimization. The create post part is the most important among others from an SEO point of view as it will give value to your customers and business. If you create more and more content about your customers, Google will think that this person is very serious about its business and hence your ranking on Google will boost.

Local SEO has also some signals as website SEO based on which Google decides which listing should be ranked. You should, therefore, consider optimizing your Business listing to rank better. If you optimize your business listing each day, Google thinks that it is a very active business and hence gives you more importance.

Google also says that you will have to create content about the location your business is located in. For example, a restaurant is located in a place where no one comes to eat from outside except local residents. You should, therefore, create local content so that Google thinks that this business is a very active and important business.

 If you have any question regarding the topic or find anything difficult to implement, ask it in comment section. We will be happy if we help you.

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