How to Create Blog in WordPress and Start Blogging?

This is a step by step tutorial about creating blog in WordPress CMS. Each step is explained with relevant screen shot of that step. Please write your feedback in comment if you notice any shortcomings.

Create Blog in WordPress

This is a step by step tutorial about how to create a blog in WordPress CMS. I have tried my best to deliver the topic in a easy way. Hope you will get it. Please write your feedback in comment if you notice any shortcomings.

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS). This is the reason that most of the bloggers start their blogging from this CMS. One reason of its widespread use is that it’s free and will be free forever. Other reason is that you can add about any functionality in WordPress without coding. This can be achieved via Plugin. And if you are advanced developer and know php coding then WordPress CMS is also the ideal choice for you. In short it is used by both beginners and advanced developers. In this article we will walk through a step by step process of how to create a blog in WordPress CMS.

Choose a Proper Domain for your WordPress Blog

First thing you need is to have a valid domain name. If you don’t have a domain and intend to buy one then be careful choosing its name. The domain name should include the niche of the blog you have thought to start. For example if you are selling something online then it should include the word “buy”. It is because anyone with the intend of buying something type this word in search engine. will be an ideal name for online mobile phone sellers. You should also do keyword research for choosing domain name. For example in this case, you should research whether people use the word “mobile phone” or “cell Phone” or something else. Choose the one with high traffic volume. Choosing a right domain name will help you rank better in search engine results.

Choose Proper Hosting

This is also a critical decision and the future of blog depends on it also. I would say that lucky are the people who have got a right hosting provider. You should choose a well known hosting provider. Because any business when acquire some name in its domain maintain it then. A well known hosting provider will always be concerned about providing quality services and continuously trying to improve them further. Blue host, Host Gattor, Site Ground and Kinsta are well known in the field of domain hosting up to this writing. The other important thing is choosing a right hosting plan. People usually start with shared hosting and then update it according to their need and budget. The best hosting plan is dedicated servers, then virtual private servers and then shared hosting.

Install WordPress on your domain

Now that you have selected a hosting plan that matches your needs the best, it’s now time to install WordPress. Your hosting provider sends you an email when you buy a hosting plan. They actually send you many emails.  One of these emails will be about your Cpanel account. Look for that to find out your Cpanel username and Password. Now click on the link provided in email or type “” to login to your Cpanel. You will be prompted to enter username and Password. You have already found it out from your email. Enter them over here. There are plenty of icons in the Cpanel most of which you will not need.

Following are steps to Install WordPress from Cpanel

  • Scroll down and look for “Softaculous App Installer” under Software menu.
Softaculous App Installer
  • Now you will be prompted with the following screen, click on WordPress.
Create a blog in WordPress
  • Choose the Version You want to Install

You will see the following screen when you click on WordPress. Enter the latest version of WordPress, correct http or https version.

Choose Version of WordPress
  • Choose Protocol

You should select latest version of the WordPress CMS. Also if your hosting has installed SSL on your domain, then you should select https. It is advised to install SSL from this point. You will have to install it later because it is now considered as ranking better. I therefore advise to set up it right now. Contact your hosting provider for SSL certificate. They will configure it on your domain. SSL has got such an importance that many hosting providers now offer it free with hosting plans.

  • Choose Domain

Select your domain in the next field after choosing protocol. If you have taken many domains from the same hosting providers then all of them will be listed here or if any subdomain is configured, they will also be listed here. Make sure to choose the correct domain on which you want the WordPress CMS to Install.

  • In Directory

Leave this field empty

Create a blog in WordPress
  • Site Name

This is the name of site which will appear in title of the home page and also appended to each post in search results. This name should be meaningful and must reflect the niche of your blog or it should be your brand name. This site name can also be changed later.

  • Site Description

This is a short description of the blog. This has great importance in SEO. So it should be provided with great care. The total length of site name and site description should be between 150 to 160 characters. Any character beyond this limit will not be shown in search results. Look at the search result for this website.

  • Admin Username

Provide a complex username. It should be different from your domain name so that hacker cannot figure it out.

  • Admin Password

Provide a complex password. The password should contain small and capital alphabets, numbers and special characters. Make it as complex as you can.

  • Email Installation to

Provide and email address to get installation details in email. You will be emailed a link to the WordPress dashboard along with the username and password that you had provided.

Start Blogging with WordPress

Add Theme to WordPress

Follow the following steps to add a theme to WordPress. You should choose right WordPress theme for your business. The theme which follows Google guidelines and is best suited for your business. Click here to know ” How to choose right theme for your business?

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to appearance and click on themes.
  • Click on Add theme.
  • To search a theme in WordPress repository, type the name of theme in search.
Search theme in WordPress repository
  • To add a theme that you have already downloaded in ZIP format, Click on upload theme.
Upload theme from computer
  • Select theme from your computer.
  • Click on Install now
  • Click on activate when installation is complete.

Writing your First Post in WordPress

Now you have successfully created a blog in WordPress. You will now be curious about how to start publishing posts.

  • Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Hover to posts and click on Add New
  • Select Title of the post; write proper category, tags and other Meta data.
  • Start typing the description of the post
  • Add all relevant images and provide alt attribute for images

This was a step by step illustration of how to create a blog in WordPress in a proper way. Hope you will now be able to start your own blog. WordPress is most widely used CMS, I will therefore suggest to start your blog with this content management system.

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