Create a YouTube Channel

It is the age whenevery business requires a digital presence. YouTube Channel is also a mean ofpresenting your business online other than having a social media page and awebsite. You are in the right place if you were searching for help related tocreating YouTube Channel either for your business or making online money. Youwill get a thorough understanding of creating a YouTube channel along with howto optimize it for the best search results. We will present the topic in a stepby step procedure to ensure that nothing is missed. You can also follow thesteps to create your YouTube channel. If you have already created a YouTubechannel for your business, this article might still help you improve thechannel for better SEO. You will need a Google Account for creating yourbusiness channel.

Steps to Create a YouTube Channel

  • Locate the user icon on the top right corner of the YouTube screen.
to YouTube Channel
  • Sign-in to YouTube with your Google Account credentials.
Gmail for YouTube
  • Click on the gear icon in the left panel to go to setting page of YouTube account
  • Select “add or manage your channel”.
Add or Manage Channel
  • Click on “create a new channel”.
Create a new Channel
  • Choose “Use a business or other name” which should reflect your business or the topic you will be covering.
Brand name of Business in YouTube Channel
  • Add the name of your Brand and click on Create.

About Section of the YouTubeChannel

This section isvery important. Here you will have to add your profile and channel description.This is the first option you will encounter after you create your channel. Acomplete description of the brand should be given so that the viewers canbetter judge what the channel is about. This section is also important from anSEO point of view. A good and attractive description will mean drawing more andtargeted traffic. The profile is also very important besides the descriptionwhich should also be as compact and meaningful as possible. The description andprofile will keep those traffic away which is not important for your businessand will bring you the targeted traffic only which can easily be converted.

Add Cover Photo toYouTube channel

When someone entersyour YouTube channel, they have the first glance at your cover photo. Thisneeds great attention to be made as eye-catching as possible but it shouldrepresent the brand of your business. If you are a graphic designer, you canmake it yourself. You don’t need to worry if you cannot make it yourself asthere are plenty of tools available on the internet for this purpose. You canalso take the services of a graphic designer from the freelance market to getyour job done. If you invest some money in it, it is worth it because it willattract the visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel. The size of thecover photo must not exceed 4 MB and its dimension should be 2560 x 1440 pixels


Grow your content 

Content is king.The more content you have on your YouTube channel, the more your visitors willknow about your services. If your YouTube channel is for making revenues fromGoogle AdSense, you also need content for attracting more visitors to yourchannel. If your YouTube channel is about your business, then you also need topay attention to creating content. This content may be video tutorials aboutyour products or some training videos about the use of your products. In short,you must create content that is relevant to your subscribers and they have aninterest in that content. Don’t upload videos that are not related to yourbusiness, it will bore your viewers.

Upload your firstYouTube video

The first video youupload to YouTube channel should be impressive and interesting enough to keepyour subscribers waiting for the upcoming videos. You should also apply somevideo editing practices to make your video relevant and remove the unwanted thingsfrom it.

The upload optionis available on YouTube when you log in to the YouTube channel.

YouTube Video SEO

When you uploadvideos to the YouTube channel, you are asked to enter titles, tags, anddescriptions. These are very important terms from the search engine point ofview. The ranking of YouTube videos depends somehow on these things. The titleshould be such that it covers the topic in the video. It should be reflectingthe theme of the video and should be compact enough for users to understand thecontent of video from the title. Tags are keywords related to the videos. Theseare all possible searches for which you want to present your video to users.You should also use synonyms in tags for each search term. The description ofthe video is a description of what you have covered in the video.

Schedule uploading of videos 

When someonesubscribes to your YouTube channel, they will be waiting for your next videointensively. Uploading a video and then neglecting to update your channel is abad habit. The subscriber of your YouTube channel expects a video after sometime. If you don’t have to shoot a video according to a schedule, take a timeto shoot videos and then upload them with a schedule say one after a week. Thesubscribers will be expecting a video each week if you upload a video after aweek or after a month if you upload it after a month. It is therefore importantto schedule your uploading and then stay consistent with it.

Spread your videos

Just uploadingvideos to your YouTube channel is not enough. You also need to have a websiteand a social media page for your business. You will have to upload every videoto your website that you upload to your YouTube channel. You should also sharethe video on your social media page to let your social media followers knowabout your video.

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Engagement withyour community is important 

You should alsokeep your subscribers engaged. You should answer to their comments and queries.You should build a community around your YouTube channel either by creating awebsite, a Facebook page or a Facebook group. You should also ask questions andgive answers to the questions your viewers ask. If you don’t have engagementwith your viewers, they will leave you once and you will not be able to getthem back.

Invest in YouTubeads if in budget 

A time will come when you will need to reach as many people as possible. The SEO and other efforts like social media marketing will bring you some viewers but you will need more viewers. This will be the time when you will need to invest in your YouTube channel. This can be achieved by YouTube ads. YouTube ads allow you to target a special group, gender or location, etc. Your YouTube videos will be shown as ads in other YouTube videos. This time it is not free and you will have to pay for it. You should invest in your YouTube channel if your budget allows you and it gives you benefit.


This was all about how to create a YouTube channel. If you have any questions related to the topic or any suggestion, please feel comfortable to ask in the comment section.