Best Android WiFi repeater or Extender

Best Android WiFi Extender

You are in the right place if you were looking for what is the best android WiFi repeater or extender. When your Wi-Fi router doesn’t reach your entire home, you’ll need to use Wi-Fi repeaters or Wi-Fi extenders. You may either buy a Wi-Fi repeater separately or use your Android device to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. I’ve reviewed the Android applications for sharing WiFi connections so you can figure out which one is ideal for your needs. Also, check here to know how to use your android phone as a WiFi repeater or extender.

NetShare – no-root-tethering

This WiFi repeater android application is available for download on Google Play Store. It’s very user-friendly. Just download the application and run it. When you click on “start WiFi hotspot”, Your WiFi or internet connection is shared, and another Android phone or PC can connect to it.

Best android repeater

If you’re using a Windows PC, go to control panel, network, and internet, internet options connections, change default settings to the one provided by NetShare. Save the changes. You now have access to the Wi-Fi network that your Android phone is transmitting.

Net Share – Extend a Wi-Fi network to all devices

NetShare WiFi booster

This is also a third party android application which aims at boosting WiFi signals by acting as a repeater.

The app displays certain data, including the SSID, Password, IP address, and port number. To join this network on another Android smartphone, you’ll need these details. Connect to the SSID with the app’s password, and then use the custom proxy settings to access the Internet. You’re now ready to put the connection to the test. Connect to the network first, and then modify the proxy settings.

NetBridge- No Root Tethering

NetBridge WiFi extender

This Android software is also useful for using an Android phone as a WiFi repeater. Ninja Net Studio is the company behind it. To get NetBridge – No Root Tethering for Android, go to Google Play Store and search for NetBridge. It is available for download and installation. When you click “Go” after installation, you’ll see the interface below.


That’s all about how to use your Android handset as a Wi-Fi repeater. Please let us know if the app was helpful in extending your Wi-Fi signal.

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