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AdSense Guide

This is a complete guide for learning Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a fast and secure way of earning extra money from online content. It is different from other ad networks in that it has a huge ad network. Therefore, you will have a large bidding competition from advertisers on your website content. Google AdSense has ads for all kinds of online content. The Google AdSense program is free to join for the publishers while advertisers will have to pay for showing the ads of their products. I hope this Google Adsense Guide will help you a lot.

How does Google AdSense Work?

Google AdSense is an ad network service offered by Google. Its two main components are the publisher and the advertiser. Google works as an intermediate and regulator between these two entities. Google displays ads on different websites (registered for AdSense Program) according to the contents and visitors of the website. The website owners so earn money from their published content. Advertisers who want to promote their products apply for Google Ads program to request for showing their ads. Google then shows those products on different websites and take money from the advertiser (product owner). 68 percent of the revenue is given to website owners and 32 percent is taken by Google. The revenue of a website depends on its niche. It is because the advertiser of that niche spends more on ads campaign.

  • The owner of the website applies to the Google AdSense program.
  • Google looks for the eligibility of that website of Google AdSense.
  • If the website qualifies, the owner of the website places a code (provided by Google) on his website and identifies spaces where he wants the ads to be shown.
  • Advertisers bid on the website spaces to show their ads. This is a real-time auction. Ads start appearing when the website gets a bid.
  • All the billing process is handled by Google to ensure smooth operation.

The owner of the website can block some of the ads which he does not like butt has no control over which ads to be shown among the allowed ads. This is done by real-time auction and is decided by Google to ensure that the highest paying ads appear on the website.

Features of Google AdSense

  • A free and simple way of monetization
  • The ads will be targeted and according to the taste of the visitors of your website.
  • You have full control on customization and control of the ads
  • You can use automatic targeting to show ads that are relevant to your audience
  • Google AdSense has a variety of ad sizes and formats.
  • You can easily block the ads which you don’t like.
  • There are a lot of online learning materials from Google to help you better understand and operate your account.
  • You will get a complete report of your earning and your user’s interaction with your ads.
  • You can very easily link Google Analytics with Google AdSense.
  • Google ads are responsive in nature and adapt themselves to each type of screen resolutions.

How to Sign Up for Google AdSense?

Google AdSense Sign Up process is easy and self-explanatory. You will have to fill a form in a wizard manner. However, we will also give you a step by step process with diagrams in order to make it a complete guide for AdSense. To sign up for Google AdSense, you will need a valid Gmail address. Before sign-up, you should also learn how to make your website eligible for AdSense Program.


  • You will see the following screen, Click on “Get started”.
Website URL and Email in Adsense
  • Enter the URL of your website and email address. Tick in the “Yes” checkbox if you want to receive emails from Google regarding useful and helpful materials. Click on Save and Continue.
  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • Select your location and country
  • Accept the Google AdSense terms and conditions and click on “Create Account”.

How to Activate AdSense Account?

When you complete the sign-up process of Google AdSense, the next step is to activate your account. To activate the AdSense account, follow the steps given below.

Copy the code snippet from Google AdSense.

Paste the code in the head section of your page’s HTML. If you are using WordPress CMS, there are many Plugins available for ad management. Those Plugins will help you insert the code snippet in right place. But if you don’t want to use a Plugin, insert it before the </head> in themes header.php via either themes editor or Cpanel.

Look at the following example of inserting code via the WordPress dashboard.

Adsense ads in head via dashboard

The following diagram shows how to insert the AdSense Code via Cpanel.

Adsense ads in head via Cpanel

Make a tick mark in “Show ads as soon as the account is activated” checkbox.

Click on Done.

How to ad Payment Address in Google AdSense?

In order to add your payment method, you will have to fill a form with input values regarding your name, address and account type, etc. The following fields need to be filled.

Account Type: If you want a company account then you will have to select a company instead of an individual. An individual account is for those who don’t want to create a business account. Choose an individual if you don’t have a real business because you will have to provide documentary proofs later.

Name: Enter your exact name as per your government-issued documents like CNIC, Passport or driving license. For business accounts, enter the name of the business. It should be the exact name by which it is registered with the government.

Address: Enter your postal address here. It should be exactly the same as on your government-issued identity documents.

Phone Number: You will have to enter the phone number which is in your personal use and have access to it. If you have already verified your phone number while creating a Google account, it will be listed here.

Important Note: The name, address or any other credentials must be the same in all the documents that you provide to AdSense account. Some people give one address in AdSense Account, another different address is on his CNIC, and yet another different address in his bank accounts info. It is, therefore, necessary to keep all the things the same.

How to set up ads in Google AdSense?

To set up ads, you will have to choose between the auto ads and ad units. Auto ads are placed by Google according to its machine learning, artificial intelligence so they are most recommended especially for new users. Instead, other ads are set by users. Users will have to select the type of ads, its sizes and also spaces on the website where ads are to be shown.

Setup Auto Ads

Set up Auto ads

To set up auto ads, you will first have to choose the ad formats you will be displaying on your site. You can select any number of auto ads format. These formats include In-feed ads, matched content, in-article ads, anchor ads, and vignette ads. Simply check the type of ad you want to select for your website. Click on save after selecting your desired ad types. Now click on “Setup Auto Ads” to view the code snippet. Place this code snippet in the head section of your page’s HTML.

Set up Auto Ads for AMP

Auto Ads for AMP

You can also create auto ads for the AMP version of your website. These auto ads give good experience on AMP pages and load faster. As auto ads, you don’t need to worry about the positions of the ads. Google will automatically keep your ads in the best positions to ensure maximum revenue for you.

To set up auto ads for AMP, you will have to follow three steps given below.

  • Turn on display ad formats.
  • Copy and paste the given script in the head section of AMP HTML.
  • Paste the code in the body of the AMP HTML.

So you will have to paste two scripts in your AMP HTML after enabling auto ads for AMP. One script will be in the head section and the other in the body section.

Create Ad Units

You will have to create ad units if you don’t opt for auto ads. To create an ad unit, follow the following steps.

  • Click on ad units
  • Select the ad type. Here you will find display ads, in-feed ads, in-article ads, matched content and link ads. Display ads are the recommended ones for better revenue.
  • Select the layout. You have three options here (square, horizontal and vertical).
  • Give a name to your ad unit.
  • Click on create
  • You will get two versions of the code. One is regular HTML and the other is AMP version.
  • Copy the code snippet and insert it in the position where you want the ads to be displayed on your site.


This was a guide of Google AdSense for beginners. I hope you understood the topic well. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section. I will try my best to give you the best answer. I feel happy to help someone.

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