How to Assign Lessons to a Course in LearnPress

Assign Lessons to a Course in LearnPress

Every person who installs LearnPress Plugin faces this problem. I met this problem and searched a lot for help. At last, I found a clue on how to assign lessons to a particular course in LearnPress. I, therefore, want to share it with you.

What is LearnPress?

It is a WordPress Plugin for implementing a learning management system. You can use it to create courses and sell them online or offer them for free. You can also take quizzes to assess the students. You can use it for creating an online course website with no knowledge of coding. The best thing is that LearnPress is free, and the developer says it will always be free. But it also has a premium WordPress Plugin which helps site owners to make money from online content.

learnpress assign lesson to course

To assign/add a lesson to a course, you will have to create course first. Follow the steps for adding a course in learnpress.

  • Select Courses in LearnPress and click on Add New
  • Give title and description of the course, and in the bottom scroll down to the curriculum
  • Write section name in the field “write section name and press enter”.

You’ll have to divide your course into another section, and that’s the tricky part, and it’s a must. You can not assign a lesson to a course unless you make sections. These sections can be like week 1, week 2, etc., or any other name. You can also add section description. Add all sections at once, or add some later. At least one section is a must.

You will have to add lessons in the same courses section, not from lessons section in LearnPress.

  • As soon as you create a section, add the lessons at the same time. See the following figure.
Assign Lessons to a Course in LearnPress

Assign Quiz to a Course in LearnPress

Assigning quiz is the same as assigning lessons. Just you will have to click on the clock symbol to transform the section to a quiz. If you click on the book symbol, it will say “add a new lesson,” and if you click on the clock symbol, it will say “add a new quiz.” It means that you will add a quiz after adding some lessons. This quiz will automatically appear to students after completing the lessons created before the quiz. You can shift the course and lessons above and below to change their order.

Assign quiz to a course in LearnPress

The quizzes created here will be visible in the quizzes section. You can later click on the quizzes section and edit them to add your desired questions.

Now, these courses which you have created will be available in your lessons section. Click on lessons, and you will see all designed lessons over there. As you can see, the lessons I created are present in the lessons section. Similarly, the quizzes will be available in the quizzes section under the LearnPress menu.


Proper Way

  • Add Courses
  • Provide curriculum
  • Add Lessons

Note: All the above steps are in one section “Add New Course”.

What people try to do?

  • Add courses
  • Add lessons or Quizzes
  • And then try assigning lessons from the lesson menu which cannot be achieved.

It was all about adding lessons and quizzes to a LearnPress course properly. I hope you’ve understood it. If you have any questions about the procedure, ask in the comment section.

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