How to Add the Buy with Prime (BWP) to WooCommerce?

In this article, you will learn how to add the Buy with Prime (BWP) to the WooCommerce store.

The Buy with Prime button offers a seamless shopping experience for your customers. It also opens a world of convenience for website owners. It enables your customers to make purchases on your website using their Amazon Prime account. If store owners offer this button on their websites, their customers will get a streamlined and effortless shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting conversion rates.

Advantages of the “Buy with Prime” Button


The Buy with Prime button offers convenience for customers by completing their purchase with just a single click. They can also get free and fast shipping, deals from Amazon, and many other offers that come with their membership.


The “Buy with Prime” button also gives a sense of trust to your customers. They are confident that their transactions are protected and that their information is handled securely.

Fast and Free Shipping

 The “Buy with Prime” button grants your customers access to Amazon’s expedited shipping options. This means their orders will be delivered swiftly, ensuring a prompt and reliable delivery experience. Fast shipping is often a crucial factor in driving customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Access to Exclusive Benefits

 By utilizing the “Buy with Prime” button, customers can take advantage of exclusive Prime benefits such as access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. This enhances the overall value proposition of your e-commerce store, making it more enticing for customers to choose your platform for their shopping needs.

How do I add the Buy With Prime (BWP) to the WooCommerce?

In order to add Buy with Prime to your WordPress E-Commerce store, you will have to pass through the following steps.

Sign up for Buy With Prime.

  • Type in your browser and hit enter.
  • Click on “Sign up for Buy with Prime”.
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, company name, and the URL of your E-commerce Website. In order to fulfill the requirements for getting a Buy with Prime button, you will need to qualify for the following:
    • E-commerce Website: A US-based entity
    • Amazon Supply Chain Account
Buy with Prime Confrim Eligibility
  • Fill in all the information on the form and click on “Confirm eligibility”.
  • You will be welcomed with the following screen if you are eligible. Click on the “ Sign up” button.
Buy With Prime Congratulations Message
  • Enter your Full Name, Email Address, and Password. Click on “Sign up” to proceed.
Sign Up for Buy with Prime
  • After completing the initial sign-up process, you will be prompted with the following screen.
Set up Buy with Prime
  • Click on the “Get Started” button.

Enter Business Detail

Provide the details of your business here. You will have to provide the following details for your business. This information is used to identify the business so that Buy with Prime can be used based on it.

Enter Business details for BWP
  • Business Type: Select the type of your business from the drop-down list. It consists of the options privately owned business, publicly listed Business, State-owned business, charity, and I am an individual. Select the type that best suits your business.
Business Type for BWP
  • Legal Business Name: Provide the name of your business that you have used in your legal documents.
  • Registered Business Address: Type the physical address of your business, providing the street address, city, state, and zip code. Please note that all the fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled out.
  • Business Phone Number: This field is also a must. Provide the Phone number that is reserved for communicating with your clients.

Here, you will have to link your Amazon Account and import the products. You can add products one by one as well as import them in bulk.  

  • After you enter the correct business details, you will be directed to the following page for linking your accounts.
Link accounts on Buy with Prime Portal
  • Click on the “Link accounts” button.
  • On the next screen, click on the “Link your account” button. In case you have multiple accounts, please note that you will have to link the account that has the same products you want to use for Buy with Prime.
  • Sign in to your Amazon Seller Central account and link the account.

Select the products for “Buy with Prime.”

Now you will need to add the products to your Amazon Seller Central account. You can add them one by one or use the import option to add them in bulk.

Import Products to BWP Portal

The SKUs of the products on your website, BWP, and Amazon will be the same in order to display Buy with Prime on your website. After the import is complete, make sure that the “Offer Prime” button is “ON” for the products that display the BWP button.

To add a product one by one, follow the following instructions.

  • Click on the “Add a product” button.
  • On the “Add a Product” page, you will see the following options for products.
    • Title: This is the title of your product. You can use any valid title for your product. This title is for identification purposes only and does not contribute to SEO or something like that. Just use a name that you consider best for your product.
    • Description: This is a short description of your product.
    • Product Images. Upload images of your product here.
    • Offer Prime: This should be switched on.
    • SKUs: Provide the SKUs of the product. Make sure that these SKUs are the same for the website, BWP, and Amazon.
    • Product Detail Page URL: This is the URL of the product on your e-commerce store.
  • Click on Save after filling in all the information.
Add a product to BWP Portal

Install Buy with Prime button code with a Plugin

This is the last and most important step to setting up the BWP button on your WooCommerce store. You can do it with or without a Plugin. You should have a strong grip on JavaScript in order to install it without a Plugin. The BWP Portal has given instructions on how to implement the button code. Read it carefully to implement it; here we are going to implement it with the help of a Plugin. This Plugin is called “Amazon Buy with Prime for WooCommerce”. This is a paid plugin.

Amazon Buy with Prime for WooCommerce Plugin

Follow the following steps to use this plugin properly.

  • Buy the plugin and install it on your e-commerce store. Click here to learn how to install a plugin.
  • Activate the plugin and click on Settings.
  • Copy the button code from your BWP portal.
  • Paste the Button Code in the Plugin where it says “Button Code”.
  • Specify the location of the “BWP” button. It is recommended to place it after the “Add to Cart” button.
  • Click on Save.
  • Now all the products that you have opted for to show the “Buy with Prime” button will display after the “Add to Cart” button.
Buy with Prime Button Plugin Setting

Install Buy with Prime button code without a Plugin

  • Open your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Locate Appearance > Theme Files Editor
  • Find functions.php and scroll down to the last
  • Add the following code snippet:
Add_action( 'woocommerce_after_add_to_cart_button', 'QL_add_text_under_add_to_cart' );

function QL_add_text_under_add_to_cart () {

   global $product;
  // print_r($product);
  <script async fetchpriority='high' src=''></script>
    data-sku="<?php echo $product->get_sku(); ?>"


  • Click on “Save Changes” and you are done.


This was all about how to add the Amazon Buy with Prime (BWP) button to your WooCommerce website. By adding this button, customers can use their Amazon Prime account to make purchases on your site, offering convenience, trust, fast and free shipping, and access to exclusive benefits. We provided step-by-step instructions to set up Buy with Prime on WordPress, including signing up for Buy with Prime, entering business details, linking accounts, importing products, and installing the Buy with Prime button code using a plugin. If you still have problems adding Buy with Prime button to your WordPress store, please ask it in the comment section.

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